Jesus people have survive Judas.  
They have outlived the sword of Harod.
Outdistanced the animals of Nero and his contemporaries.  
Overcome the errors of early heritics.
Refused the comforts of unwise associations.
Outlasted the horrors of religion by force.
Declined to believe unproven theory.
Though often failing, yet returning stronger.
Though far from perfect, willing to be perfected.
Though ridiculed and persecuted, continuing in truth.
If all these have not destroyed or distracted the purpose of God and His Son Jesus, through His people, how arrogant and unreasonable for any man or devil to believe it possible.
If we did not have a living King.
If we did not have a loving King.
If we did not have a lasting hope,
we would have never lasted this long.
This is not a kingdom for wimps!
This page is for those Jesus people that i meet on the net who are trying to make a difference.
Feel free to contact them.
Patti has been through a lot in her life, you can read her testimony at her web site. She monitors several Christ centered Yahoo clubs and would be glad to talk to you if you e-mail her.
For some uplifting poetry from down under click this link and visit Trevor and Christine's  site. They are also willing to correspond though they dont feel qualified, sometimes the MOST qualifying trait a person can have!