Creation's praise, a tiny glimpse
of God's eternal word,
testament of faithfulness
that may be seen and heard.
For if we see consistency
in what He has created,
we understand His word is true
and we are all elated.
But lest we forget we've been made
steward's of His creation,
we ought not neglect their care,
to fulfill our own sensations.
But rather weigh so carefully
on scales of truth and time,
the freedom we enjoy,
lest we be guilty of the crime,
Of selling out the future
of our children and there's to,
by selfishly demanding to
continue what we do.
That takes apart and alters
what the Lord has said was good,
instead of doing all the things
that He has said we should.
The humble dirt it fills the earth,
its common as can be,
yet from this dirt God gave us birth,
and it holds the mighty tree.
It's from this dirt He gives us bread,
and nuts and fruit and grass,
from it His creation's fed,
a system made to last.
One day when the mountains fail,
and oceans are no more,
when we all walk a brand new trail,
ol dirt will be our floor.
So when you see a common sight,
don't think it's worth too small,
and every time you take a bite,
remember, dirt's fulfilled it's call.
This one has always reminded me of a faithful pastor.

Planted by waters, expected to grow,
given the duty to lead,
first in the food chain given to man,
designed for anothers need.
I bloom in the spring with flowers bright,
knowing they'll soon disappear,
the giving of beauty is not my command,
i continue my growth without fear.
Soon there is fruit and i am fulfilled,
my branches are heavy and full,
along comes a man with food as his need,
my fruit is released with a pull.
Soon it is gone and Summer is past,
my leaves start to change then they fall,
seasons have changed and winter is near,
when cold bitter winds come to call.
But cold bitter winds cannot hurt my growth,
only take my dead branches away,
because here by the waters i'm planted by God,
and here by the waters i stay!
In the beginning God declared
" this is your place to shine.",
all of my course has been ordered by Him,
according to His design.
The reason it's so i'm not always sure,
though i trust that his word is true,
but i will be faithful and stick to the path,
till all of my courses are through.
Each night when you look and see i am here,
though to you i may seem very far,
it's my testimony that God's word is sure,
you heard it from me mister star!
The little flower has a song
it sings unto the Lord,
"God is faithful God is true"
as it pushes through the sod.
And as it blooms, it glorifies
the beauty in His heart,
when it dies it leaves it's seed,
God promised a new start.
God established long ago,
the pattern of its days,
if we consider in our hearts,
we to may learn His ways.
His word is faithful, always true,
He cannot tell a lie,
if we believe we'll live again,
and see Him lifted high.