Some people say
"what's this fool doing,
he's led his life to total ruin".
But not if they knew what i know,
or knew the place where i will go.
My life down here is borrowed time,
to tell the world their greatest crime.
About our Jesus on the cross,
my greatest gain,
somes greatest loss.
He went there of His own free will,
no man could force Him,
He went still.
And three days hence He rose again,
to give us all an out for sin.
If many more had seen Him die,
then many more would have to cry.
To see what we all did to Him,
to give us all this out for sin.
ALONE He bore the pain and strife,
ALONE He was to give His life.
Our Father could not help Him then,
for upon HIS shoulders,
all our sin!