Verses 1-3
God takes a break! and establishes the Sabbath. Whatever your belief about the Sabbath (Sat. or Sun, personally i rest on Sat. and go to worship on Sun.) it has been my experience in the past that when i work more than 6 days straight i am worn out the 2nd week and don't get near as much done. God, in my life anyway, is proven right again.
Verses 4-9
Here God adds more information to the creation account, specifically;
(1.) it had not rained yet
(2.) mans first job was to be a gardener
(3.) instead of rain dew or fog (mist) or both was the way everything was watered, (as was mentioned in a previous study) (4.) Man was made from the dust of the earth and became a soul when God breathed breath into him. Curiously when the Holy Spirit was given to man again in Acts 2 There was the sound of a mighty rushing wind (Acts 2:2)
(5.) the garden of Eden is created but notice it says "eastward in Eden" implying to me that Eden was more than a garden
(6.)  The tree of life and the tree of KNOWLEDGE of good and evil are introduced.  
In verse 4 the name Jehovah is introduced as LORD God, LORD being Jehovah and God being Eloheem, i believe (correct me if i am wrong Kindred) that when the word LORD is used in all capitols it represents JHVH which the Jewish people will not say or fear of using it in vain. The true pronunciation for this name of God has been lost because it was not spoken and Hebrew, as i understand it, does not use vowels in its written form.

Verses 10-14
The following is a study that was done years ago with a bible dictionary (which i no longer have) and put in my bible. Everything in the [ ] came from the dictionary.

                  THE RIVERS OF EDEN,
         A river went out of Eden and parted into 4 heads (sources).
(1) PISON [increase] compasseth the whole land of HAVILAH [anguish, as travail pain] where there is gold , the gold of that land is good. There is BDELLIUM [in turbidity - having dregs disturbed] and the ONYX [setting them equal, justifying them] stone.
(2) GIHON [the breaking forth] it compasseth the whole land of ETHIOPIA [black].
(3) HIDDEKEL [riddle of the date {date} palm, riddle of lightness] it goeth toward the east of ASSYRIA [a step] this is also the Tigress.
(4) EUPHRATES [fruitfulness]
Something to think about concerning these rivers, the course of rivers and much more may well have changed as a result of the flood. It is possible that the Tigress and Euphrates we have now are not unlike NEW York, NEW England, etc.  

i add this because i seems like a roadmap to spiritual growth, i wish i could tell you the name of the dictionary but i don't remember what it was. i also want to point out that for a river to part into 4 heads would indicate that this location was probably near the mouth of the river, some believe hat the garden of Eden was in modern Iraq near the mouth of the Euphrates. Some people believe it was in modern Israel, i tend to believe it was in Iraq but as i noted the whole face of the earth could have changed considerably during the flood.

Verses 15-25
VS..15 God put Adam in the garden to dress it and keep it, this is work not rest and relaxation yet as we will see later it is not drudgery or unpleasant.
vs.. 16 and 17  God commands man not to eat of the tree of good and evil, here are some things to think about:
(1.) Adam COULD eat of the tree of life, wonder why he didn't?
(2.) God, knowing everything, knew Adam would eat of the tree of good and evil yet He put it in the garden anyway. This opens up so many questions in my mind that i couldn't begin to express them all, here are a few to think about;
  (a) Was it God's intention that mankind eventually eat that fruit but only after we matured and the devil took God by surprise? i think not, i think it happened the way God wanted it to happen and i hope i can explain why i think that as we go along.
 (b) Was it God's intention that mankind never eat the fruit and remain innocent and ignorant forever? again i think not or else why would he just not put the tree there in the first place?
My conclusion is that God knew what He was doing, that we were intended to know good from evil just as those of us who believe are intended to eat of the tree of life someday (Rev. 22:2) and that God gets a lot out of a little meaning that not only did He know satan would tempt them into eating the fruit and they would learn good and evil but also that it would be grounds for judging satan. Just something to think about.
(3) God commanded Adam not to eat it BEFORE Eve was made, therefore in my mind it became Adams responsibility to tell Eve the rules, this becomes important in the next chapter.

Vs. 18 -25  God creates Woman. Notice that she was created to help man but that neither was above the other except in this respect, Adam was given dominion over the planet and as we will see in the next chapter has the responsibility for it. To me that doesn't make man anymore important to God or women any less important only that they have different responsibilities. Anyone that fulfills his or her responsibility before God is better off anyone that doesn't man, woman, single, or married, the trick is finding what those responsibilities are.
VS.. 25  Before they ate the fruit they were not ashamed to be naked, at this time the only sin they could commit was to eat the forbidden fruit. There were things they could do that were later considered sin but the only rule they knew about was don't eat the fruit off of one tree. Jesus said ;
Luk 12:47 And that servant, which knew his lord's will, and prepared not himself, neither did according to his will, shall be beaten with many stripes.
Luk 12:48 But he that knew not, and did commit things worthy of stripes, shall be beaten with few stripes. For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required: and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more.

Knowledge brings both many benefits and many responsibilities.