A whole chapter of genealogies, at first glance it would seem that there is little more information than who was whose son and how long they lived but let me point out a few things.
In vs. 2 it says God created them and called their name Adam, again the name for God is Eloheem as in chapter 1.
In Vs. 3 it says that Adam's son was begotten in his own likeness, after his image, unlike Adam who was created after God's likeness and image Seth was begotten in a fallen state.
In Vs. 22-24 Enoch is described as walking with God, the only one in this chapter to leave such a testimony and notice how long he lived 365 years, perhaps God was trying to leave a clue when He took Enoch at the same age as the number of days in a year, maybe not but if He was man wouldn't get it for a few thousands years.
At the end of the chapter we see Noah and his three sons born and as we will see ALL of these people except Noah and his sons will die before the flood, one of them 200 years younger than the rest.

If you would like to see a chart i started on this chapter and added to over the years up to the destruction of the 1st temple here is the link.