Why are you on bended knee?
                  Oh i'm just doing my laundry.
I see no soap or cleansing flood.
                  Sin must be washed with Holy Blood.
Where is this blood, oh may i see?
Can this blood wash sin from me?
                   You must repent and call His name,
                    then you'll be free from all your blame.
What is this name that i must speak,
why is it that i feel so weak.
                     His name is Jesus, Emanuell,
                     He shed His Blood and conquered hell.
                     His life he gave so we might be
                     with Him in heaven, eternally.
How can that be, you said He died,
they thrust a spear into His side,
they buried Him under the ground,
and put their solders all around?
                      When it was time His body rose,
                       and i'll just bet those soldiers froze,
                       when angels rolled away that stone,
                        and in that tomb, my Lord, alone.