I'm here in this prison, guilty of sin,
blatant unforgiveness that i let in.
The walls that surround me are too high to climb,
sometimes it' so lonely, i just pray to die.
All my resistance was carried away,
i spoke a word of hate, so now i must pay
No hope of rescue, no chance of release,
because i have offended the Lord of my  peace.
He is so gracious HE does not despise,
here in this prison i soon realize,
He is still teaching and showing the way,
i will be led by, some blessed day.

Return my Lord the love i lost,
it matters not what is my cost,
help me to die so You might live,
and help my soul be glad to give.

LOVE is patient, love is kind,
love forgives brings peace of mind.
LOVE restores but never boasts,
love corrects but never roasts.
LOVE is known when love is shown,
when love is shown, love is grown.
When love abounds, sheep will be found,
when sheep are found His will is done.
When His will is done His Kingdom comes!