Maybe i'm wrong,
but it seems kind of strange,
for us to do right
our hearts need to change.
I know that it's true
but i don't understand,
we were made to do right
and to live off the land.
What makes us feel greed,
and envy, and hate,
what makes us to lust
and procrastinate?
Insecure feelings,
from where do they come,
and what makes a poor man
to feel like a bum.
Why can't we be helpful
and happy to live,
thankful and humble
and eager to give.
Knowing for certain
there's life after death,
that only Lord Jesus
can give us that breath.
He said He'd reward us,
and He's going to,
reward us for things
we should already do.
Crowns of gold
and thrones there may be,
but forever with Him
is what works for me.