The Master says for all have sinned,
and I'm the only way,
so i believed, was born again,
and blessed was that day.
For many days my joy was great,
then it got a little tough,
just follow Me, was all He'd state,
as if that was enough.
Every branch that beareth fruit,
He purges in His way,
to prune it so it bears much fruit,
and so its fruit will stay.
Peter says don't think it strange,
when this should come your way,
for your heart will the Master change,
endure it day by day.
The most important things to do,
read your bible every day,
believing every word is true,
and don't forget to pray.
This time is special in it's way,
it may not seem to be,
but doubts and fears will melt away,
and eyes begin to see.