Ever put a puzzle together? You have a picture of what it looks like and if your like me you start with the edges because they are easy to find and fit together. After that it gets harder and i usually pick out several objects to piece together as i find the pieces. The more pieces you fit the more the picture comes together and the less pieces you have to choose from. From time to time you will find a piece that has the right colors and shape but just doesn't fit right. If you are an experienced puzzle putter together you don't try to force these pieces together, you set them aside and look for a better fitting piece.
  Those of you that like me study scripture, especially the prophetic parts, will find that the longer you work at it the more it is like a puzzle. You have a good idea of the general picture but just how all the pieces fit together is another matter. Don't try to force the pieces together, they all fit very well, exactly where the Spirit made them to. By the way, this is one puzzle that EVERYONE needs to work on before they stand before the manufacturer, if you take someone else's word for it, how will you know if the pieces were forced together or not?