Courage often accompanies foolishness, cowardice never accompanies wisdom.

Two things that scare me are these. When things get too unsettled inside me or too peaceful around me.

There is no hope for the person who will not be taught but the humble will learn the paths of salvation.
You can never make someone love you. You can only love them and hope they love you back.
When you read the Bible, don't worry about what you don't understand. Apply what you do understand to your life for there is no other way to learn truth.
INTEGRITY: The most expensive thing you can't buy, the most precious thing  you'll ever give away.
Any move of God in His people, when filtered through time will have its gold and dross. The task of the next move is to discern between the two, keep the gold, discard the dross, and start digging for more gold.
It is so difficult sometimes to not be upset or lose my composure when i try  to tell others about Jesus and His word. The Holy Spirit uses this truth to refocus me. It's my job to tell the truth. It's their job to decide. It's Gods job to save.
No child grows up until he willingly puts down his toys, that are rightfully his, and puts his responsibility to future generations ahead of present pleasures.
If you seek counselors, seek some who can tell you what may happen and some who can tell you what to do about what does happen.
Don't be so rule bound that you can't help someone in need, anytime, anywhere. Don't be so freedom oriented that you fly away without wisdom aboard.
LORD, i am amazed at how You watch over the dreams that You put in my heart until i mature enough to have them.
The road that leads to life is very narrow.
In fact it is only two people wide,
make sure the one beside you is Jesus.
God is not looking for people who say "look what I did". He is however looking with spotlights for people who will say "what can i do".
This is not a paradox. This is not a theology. This is not an allegory. This is not an association. This is not a club. This is not a secret society. This is a vital, daily, relationship with a living God. Anything less is a counterfeit.
If God could tell an unbeliever one thing, i think it would be something like this. I care more about where you are going than where you have been, please repent and believe in Jesus.
You will never be able to receive true love until you learn how to give true love, because until you give it you have no idea whatsoever what it costs or even what it is.

Only the very obedient and the very disobedient suffer persecution, the dead and the lukewarm  escape correction but afterwards suffer judgment.
Israel went into captivity and got comfortable there. They never returned. Judah went into captivity and some of them never got comfortable. They returned. The difference? Maybe because there was a temple in Judah's heart.