The former rain came flooding down,
and seeds began to grow,
that Jesus placed in well plowed ground,
soon fruit began to show.
as this fruit was spread around,
to people here and there,
it helped to plow up other ground,
with tender loving care.
Soon an orchard did appear,
growing toward the Son,
watered by God's precious tear,
and fruit came by the ton.
But then there came a vicious drought,
and trees began to die,
the rain was stopped by bitter doubt,
and God could only sigh,
but even though the trees were gone,
the grass continued still,
with roots so deep it grew a lawn,
this to the fathers will.
He preserved those precious seeds,
awaiting on a day,
when faith in Him through dire need,
would drive the doubt away.

The latter rain is flooding down,
the evidence is clear,
and now the fruit it does abound,
to chase away the fear.
But if an orchard keeps it's fruit,
and gives it not away,
the fruit it has will soon pollute,
and faith begin to sway.
Or if an orchard sells it's fruit,
and hides it all away,
or gives it for a man's salute,
those trees will surely pay.
The precious fruit and sacred seeds,
were given from above,
to save our souls, fulfill our needs,
and bathe us in God's love.
The fruit that matters most of all,
that trees and grass did bear,
is words that brought men to the call,
and showed them Jesus care.
Now all the trees and all the grass, grew toward a common Son,
the one who knows who's first and last,

The former and the latter rain,
soon will fall together, even in the midst of pain,
and very stormy weather.
The world will wonder and despair,
and seek someone to tell,
how their souls can find repair,
and somehow escape hell.
This will be our time to shine,
not our time to cower,
for when they finally see the sign,
they'll be looking for the shower.
Then we must let the river flow,
to people here and there,
how quickly will the kingdom grow,
when God's love we finally share.