When i was an infant child,
often anxious sometimes wild,
i perceived a bitter fight,
on one side darkness, the other light.
I couldn't stand to wait and grow,
and so i went unto the foe,
the Lord of light did see my zeal,
and put His stamp on my appeal.
He let me see a victory won,
but later i became undone,
for i esteemed it by my might,
that was won this little fight .
But when i learned the Lord of light,
had led me in this little fight,
and won the victory for Himself,
i put my might upon the shelf.
Twas then He put me in a class,
where lasts are first and firsts are last,
He held me with His loving hand,
and trained my mind to understand,
that wars are never won with hate,
nor won by those who hesitate,
they are won by zeal for His true love,
me down below, Him up above