Yesterday it was in,
tomorrow it is sin,
such is life in a land,
where rules are made by man.
The rules can change, and often do,
by how the sinner relates to you.
Or how much money he can pay,
to set him free to go his way.
Or if he shares a point of view,
there's nothing wrong that he can do.
Or if he sings a different song,
he can be perfect, still he's wrong.
The rules of God will still apply,
and all will face them when they die.
So i will seek to learn them now,
and keep them the best that i know how.
You can laugh if you so choose,
one day i'll win and you will lose.

By the way o man,
if you can make the rules
because you have a bigger gun,
what happens
when your worst nightmare
gets a bigger gun than you?