In this day of hustle and bustle, with so many inventions and so much advancement there are subtle things that get lost along the way. Not too long ago relatively speaking everyone would have known what trimming lamps meant. For those who don't, an oil lamp has a wick and if it is trimmed properly it can give off a good bit of light. If it is not trimmed properly it gives of about the same amount of light but it also gives off smoke. The reason it does this is because if the wick is trimmed properly it acts as a conduit for the oil and most of the light is coming from the oil which is feeding the flame. If the wick is too high the light it gives off is coming from a combination of the oil and the wick and the smoke is coming from the burning wick.
  There are some profound lessons here for the children of God. In scripture the oil is a type of the Holy Spirit and most of you know that we are the light of the world. For this short take the wick can be compared to our flesh. The flesh is a necessary part of us after all if it wasn't for the flesh we would be nothing but spirit. If we let the flesh run the show and give into pride, greed or other works of the flesh, we can still give off some light but there is smoke mixed in that is evident to anyone paying attention. The smoke distracts those who are looking for the way and often prevents them from finding it they get so fixated on the smoke. Just a word to the wise, the smoke also means that the wick is burning up much faster than it has to.
 If we are trimmed properly we will give off light and the majority of it will come from the Spirit of God, we will simply be a reservoir for it and a conduit for it to provide light in the gross darkness we find ourselves in. You know, the oil burns much better than the wick and in this case we only get one wick but we can fill up on oil as often as we pray the price and worship in spirit and truth.
God Bless