The team was down by three in the bottom of the 9th. There was a man on first with one out and the #4 batter at the plate. The count was 3 and 2 and here comes the pitch. Strike three even though the ball was way outside and high. Up comes the #5 batter and hits the first pitch over the fence. The next batter comes up and pops out. Game over. What if the cleanup hitter had been a team player and taken the walk, the game would have been tied. It was a moment lost, an opportunity missed. We all face moments like this in our lives and we need to be team players. Sometimes all you can do is tell someone the truth, knowing they will not accept it right away. Knowing they might stop being friendly with you, might even resist you or call you names. Knowing also that the truth will not leave them alone and sometime later another team player might come along and water that word when the person falls on hard times in one way or another. Or perhaps that person will consider how empty life really is when you think about it and realize their need for purpose, and another team player will have the privilege of gathering the fruit off of the seed you planted.
  You know the #4 hitter in a lineup is there because he is the best hitter but anybody on the team can hit a homer, or take a walk, even the #4 hitter. Batter up!